In the tradition of high concept prog rock comes 'Sontaag' by Sontaag, an epic transmedia hybrid where cerebral science fiction storytelling meets visceral rock ā€˜nā€™ roll. 'Sontaag' is a form of Sonic Cinema in which spacerock music and narration come together to provide the experience of watching a movie in sound. Sontaag are: Richard Sontaag (composition, instruments, co-production) and Ian Fortnam (words, narration). The album is co-produced and mixed by Youth. Art direction is by Julie Cunnah. Milo Venter guested on drums, Amanda Cross guested on vocals. SONTAAG IS RELEASED NOW ON ESOTERIC ANTENNA CHERRY RED RECORDS. It's available all around the planet on CD and iTunes.

Esoteric Antenna

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Sontaag (the music) is produced by Youth

Sontaag (the band) is Richard Sontaag and Ian Fortnam

Sontaag (the album) is released on Esoteric Antenna

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